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Ice Breakers SUGAR_CANDY

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  • Eight 1.3 oz tins of ICE BREAKERS DUO Grape Flavored Sugar Free Mints with Cooling Crystals
  • Try placing ICE BREAKERS DUO mint tins strategically around the house or office so that you always have easy access to refreshing mints
  • Cool, grape-flavored ICE BREAKERS DUO sugar free breath mints are packaged in a mint tin you can take with you anywhere for all-day access
  • Use ICE BREAKERS mints for filling birthday gift bags and back-to-school lunch boxes or bridal and baby shower candy dishes
  • ICE BREAKERS DUO sugar free mints with cooling crystals and a grape and mint flavor combination perfect for pairing with your Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter and Halloween candy selections

Details: ICE BREAKERS DUO grape-flavored, sugar free mints with cooling crystals deliver a blast of fruity, grape deliciousness with cooling crystals in one tiny mint. These cool mints in a tin are the perfect size for popping into your mouth whenever you're ready for cool, fruity flavor. ICE BREAKERS DUO grape-flavored mints are ready to be your go-to when you want to invigorate your taste buds. After breakfast, lunch or your morning or midday coffee, pop one of these treats into your mouth for immediate coolness and a refreshing grape flavor. These grape-flavored mints combined with cooling crystals are great for moments when you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. This pack of sugarless mints has 30% fewer calories than sugared breath mint options. These ICE BREAKERS DUO breath mints come in a perfectly sized, hand-held tin that slips easily into small spaces. This bulk mints case is perfect if you want to stock up. Whatever the day brings, you'll be glad you showed up with ICE BREAKERS DUO mints.